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Freelance writer and editor

Victoria Bhegani


​I believe readers deserve books that come from a range of voices and that the stories we tell shape and reshape the world we live in. In my work I will support and amplify the voices of BIPOC writers, LGBTQ+ writers, and disabled writers. 

I am committed to helping writers write with empathy, self-awareness, and sensitivity, especially in situations when they are writing about a character who identifies differently from themselves.

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About Me

About Victoria


Victoria is a freelance writer and editor. Her articles and blog posts are largely based on personal narratives and she is also currently writing a YA fantasy. As an editor she works with fiction and academic writers, striving to ensure that their stories and ideas are presented in a way that's coherent, polished, relatable, and engaging. 

Victoria has a BAH from Queen's University and an MA from McGill University. She taught post-secondary English at the University of British Columbia and then the University of Ottawa before moving to Seattle, WA with her family. She loves bearded dragons, used bookstores, growing sunflowers, finding ways to make schools more equitable and inclusive, and traveling anywhere.  


I do freelance writing. This includes writing articles, blog posts and personal narratives. I'm also currently writing a YA fantasy.


Here's some of my recent work. 

ADDitude Magazine

What Will a Return to In-Person Learning Mean for my Child with ADHD? 


Saying Goodbye to 'The Cat in the Hat' 

PTA Blog 

WSPTA Washington Legislative Assembly 






Fiction Editing

Just like every writer, every story is different, and my goal is always to honor the story the writer wants to tell and find ways to help them do so more effectively, 

For fiction writers, the genres I have the most experience with are YA, middle grade, fantasy, rom-com, historical, and literary fiction. I work with writers at whatever stage they are at in the writing process, whether they're just putting together the bones of a story or have a finished manuscript they would like to have polished. Depending on what is needed, I can do proofreading, copy editing, and/or developmental editing. My rates are based on a first read, where I edit a few sample pages and then give a quote. Before and after my edits I am always happy to do phone calls. 

Academic Editing

In my twelve years of teaching post secondary academic English to ESL students, a favorite part of my job was editing student writing. Why? Because these kinds of edits often have a big impact.

Even for ESL academics with advanced English writing skills, putting  ideas into words can be challenging, new academic writing conventions can be mind boggling, and the English language itself can often be full of unexpected pitfalls. ESL writers can find it challenging to distinguish subtle differences in tone, idiomatic language, diction or grammar, and unfortunately these errors can distract or even confuse readers.

Language edits can result in papers getting higher marks, articles being accepted for publication in peer-reviewed journals, and CVs getting a call in for a job interview. 

Like with fiction editing, my academic edit rates are based on a first read where I edit a few sample pages and then give a quote. Before and after my edits I can do phone calls too.

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Contact me

Contact me


I would love to hear from you! To connect, email me at,

follow me on Twitter or on Facebook.  

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